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The concept of a small and unobtrusive lighting fixture was born in 2005 when designer Sinclair Park was working on a T5 illuminated handrail system for the prestigious William Barak Bridge in Melbourne. What was needed for an efficient and reliable handrail illumination system, Park concluded, was an integrated LED fixture which blends seamlessly into the handrail itself,  optimises light output, minimises spill and offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of mounting options and choices. Thus, the Planet LED puck was born and it has been the first choice of specifiers all over the world since.



Unlike many products these days, the LED puck is 100% Australian made. In the manufacturing process, we leave nothing to chance. Not only do we use the best components, but the secret to the LED puck's success is the people who take the utmost care in its manufacture and assembly. The LED puck also undergoes a rigorous testing regime.

So it comes as no surprise that a decade later, the LED pucks in our first projects are still going strong and shining brightly. This is why we offer a 7 year warranty* on the LED puck.

We know it stands the test of time.




*Certain conditions apply

Public spaces - Vandal resistant

The LED puck is perfect for public spaces. It sits firmly in the rail and cannot be pushed in or tampered with. The only way to remove it is with a unique tool.

Small (⌀15mm) and unobtrusive yet offers powerful illumination, the LED puck is perfectly flush within the handrail. It is also one of the few LED modules out there with an impressive IK10  impact rating of 10  (IEC 62262).

This is why the LED puck is the number one choice for metro and train stations, bridges, parks and other public spaces. We also work with councils to offer longer warranty periods for that extra peace of mind.

Explore our case studies to find out more about our existing projects.

Flexible Fit

After a decade of supplying LED lighting we understand that handrail comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. That's why the LED puck is designed to fit in the vast majority of handrails. We have pucks suitable for brass and wooden handrail and round and square metallic handrails with a minimum wall thickness of 1.5mm and a minimum diameter of 25mm. There is no upper limit on wall-thickness or diameter!

That makes it perfect for not only handrails, but bus shelters and boardwalks, sculptures or integrating into playgrounds and parks.

The limit is your imagination.


See some of the recent projects we have been involved with around the globe:

LED Puck – Integration into shelters and streetscape furniture

When you are looking for unobtrusive, robust and bright yet efficient lighting for your shelter, the LED Puck is the answer. Over the years we have supplied pucks to a wide range of award winning shelter applications: Acland Street Shelters – St Kilda Melbourne, Victoria Public Transport Victoria (PTV), the City of Port Phillip and Yarra…

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LED Puck in Brass – perfect for Heritage Buildings

The LED Puck is the obvious choice for heritage buildings with brass handrail: The LED puck can be made in brass Can be modified to suit ⌀25-35mm handrail It can be retrofitted into exisiting handrail Over the years we have supplied many brass pucks to projects in Australia, Europe and the US. Some of our…

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Swanson Street Melbourne

The $25million City of Melbourne redevelopment of Swanston Street – the iconic spine of Melbourne – was completed in 2013. One of the main objectives was to provide a safer environment, an enhanced experience with united landscape elements and public art. This included four new tram super stops at Franklin and A’Beckett streets and the installation…

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Victorian Alps Solar Powered LED Puck

CLIENT Steelworks Engineering Website http://www.fallscreek.com.au/ Address Bogong High Plains Road Falls Creek Victoria Australia Product Overview Illumination of one of the main staircases at the popular alpine resort, Falls Creek. As no mains power was reticulated to the stair, Planet was asked to design a solar powered system using our LED puck. Product Details A…

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