The $25million City of Melbourne redevelopment of Swanston Street – the iconic spine of Melbourne – was completed in 2013. One of the main objectives was to provide a safer environment, an enhanced experience with united landscape elements and public art. This included four new tram super stops at Franklin and A’Beckett streets and the installation of street furniture, lighting and trees, all of which have aided the evolution of Swanston Street into a vibrant area in the heart of Melbourne. Planet Lighting supplied LED pucks for under seat illumination with integral drivers mounted under seating units adjacent to tram stops.

The unobtrusive and versatile LED puck, equipped with a sturdy polycarbonate lens, is ideal for public installations due to its vandal resistant design. It is easily integrated into all forms of street-furniture, sculptures or urban applications, and provides effective illumination without detracting from the original design intent.  


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