Over 450 Uled Examination Lights supplied

Planet Lighting was involved in the initial design stages of RAH in regards to medical lighting and maintained strong communication throughout the project from start to finish. Planet provided multiple solutions in regards to the type of lights required as well as the varied installation hurdles throughout the project.

As Planet Lighting is a local manufacturer and supplier, prompt detailed information such as drawings, layout, structural designs etc. were supplied at short notice providing enormous support to the design and project team. Multiple samples were provided for testing and trials throughout the project.

Planet also supplied engineering certificates in regards to seismic testing of our structural mounts and fixings.

Planet recommended supplying all the structural mounts first to assist in easier installation, adapting our medical plates to match the RAH engineering solution. This allowed for the ceilings to be closed off and the lights easily fitting once the wards and rooms were cleaned.

We supplied a variety of different mounts for the same examination light, sealed, non-sealed and standard, depending on the different locations/ requirements throughout the Hospital.

Planet Lighting is a proud 100% Australian owned family business which supplied 450 ULED examination lights manufactured in Australia.


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