Long lasting and low cost emergency and long-distance lighting

IP65 IP rating
>100 efficacy (lm/W)
IK10 IK Code
5 warranty (yrs)

"Give light and people will find the way."

Ella Baker (1903–1986)



Wide has a beam optimised for efficiency, without compromising uniformity. Perfect for effective emergency lighting, panic lighting and for long-distance applications such as metro and rail.



  • Allows for wide spacing of lights without compromising uniformity
  • Up to 5 metres spacing between lights
  • 172 lm/W (at emitter)
  • Over 120 lm/W total system efficiency (including gear losses).
  • Typical Installation: 4000K – 186lm @ 500mA
  • Can supply both lights and drivers
  • Cree LED
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • 5 year warranty


  • Long-distance emergency applications
  • Rail tunnels
  • Road tunnels
  • Metro application

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Product Details

Light for the long run

Wide an excellent lighting choice for cost-effective long runs.

Originally developed for long-distance and emergency lighting applications such as road or rail tunnels, Wide has a beam pattern (very wide beam) that is optimised for the widest spacing between light points — up to 5 metres — without compromising uniformity.

Combined with a unique driving method Wide applications can accomodate up to 200 LED puck Emergency per driver, with lights being located up to 1km distance.

Wide gives you an extremely energy efficient system with up to 172 lm/w at the emitter, and over 120lm/w total system efficiency (including gear losses).

That's light for the long run — without costing the earth.

Cast your light wider

Wide is not only for roads and rail.

Any application that would benefit from a wider beam pattern and energy efficiency can take advantage of Wide.

Light you can trust

Wide LED puck shares our exceptional 5 years warranty, designed and manufacture entirely in our purpose built Australian facility. Plus, every individual Wide LED module is tested and burned in to ensure the light you receive performs as it should.

It's light you can trust for the long run.

Dubai metro
Dubai Metro - Photo by Wajahat Mahmood


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