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COVID-19: Message from our Australian factory headquarters.

We hope this message finds you in good health during these challenging times. Our team is closely monitoring current events with our partners and customers and we wish to update you with some good news regarding the current status of our operations...

We are happy to advise that our manufacturing operations are currently continuing at full capacity. This includes normal lead times and supply of all LED Puck, aquaculture lighting and medical lighting products.

Being a local Australian manufacturer, Planet Lighting is fortunate enough to provide urgent supply of world-class and Australian made medical lights. Please be in touch if your practice or hospital requires urgent supply of specialised medical lighting.

We will continue to update you should there be any foreseen changes to the status of our operations. In the meantime, we encourage all to take care and to support one another.

The Team at Planet Lighting


Focus is an LED sea cage light that’s generations ahead. It’s everything we know about lighting, for everything you know about fish.


Focus is our next generation, innovation-packed LED sea cage light. It's everything we know about lighting for everything you know about fish.


Industry Leading

Our goal was to create the most efficient, reliable and effective sea cage light possible. After years of meticulous product development, the Focus breaks the mould for LED aquaculture lighting and is trusted by some of the world’s top salmon producers.

  • Ultimate efficiency of up to 150 lumens per watt
  • Superior high power and compact form
  • Ultra durable and low maintenance
  • Designed for sea cages
  • Plug and play simplicity


Ultimate Efficiency.

At 150 lumens per watt, Focus the most efficient underwater sea cage light in the world.  Also, a resistive load and daylight sensing options make it even more power sensible. Save costs, and make your farm more sustainable with cutting edge LED technology.

The most efficient underwater sea cage light in the world

Superior design and durability

Focus' streamlined form and compactness is a world first. At 2.4 kg it's also the lightest. We’ve combined the best LED chipsets with the finest marine grade materials. Focus is ready to handle the toughest conditions the ocean can throw at it.

Light Where You Need It

Focus is designed with a innovative 120 degrees downwelling beam. This directs light downwards which has the benefit of being more natural to fish, reducing their stress and encouraging them to school deeper. This also has the advantage of separating them from unwanted wild fish and lice, as well as minimising environmental impact with less light pollution. Focus's unique light distribution benefits and excellent efficiency means it's not simply more light per watt — it's more effective light.

Ultra durable and low maintenance

Focus was designed for minimal maintenance and easy repair. We’ve ensured its super bright borosilicate lens is biofouling free. And with superior materials, it’s tough enough to get on with the job without you. Plus, with no lamp changes necessary and a long expected product life of 5 years, you spend less time on repairs and replacements. That’s less time cleaning, repairing and replacing equipment, and more time focusing on your fish.

Designed for Sea Cages and Easy farm operations

Focus is small and lightweight, so it’s safe and easy to handle. Its modular plug and play design requires no hard wiring for fast and seamless installation, removal or replacement. From the bottom up, Focus was designed to be the perfect technology for marine farming, helping you farm with confidence and efficiency.

Want a FREE test run?

Contact Planet Lighting or your nearest distributor to set up an obligation free test of the Focus for your farm.


Give our Sales team a call on 02 6659 5600 or click compare below to view all our Marine products side by side.


High efficiency and smart power

  • High output up to 84000 lm
  • Up to 150 lm/W
  • An impressive 55% more effective light than omnidirectional metal halide or side emitting lighting
  • Wide range of AC input voltages (90–305V)
  • Isolated circuit per light with short and open circuit protection
  • Improved generator compatibility with a non-inductive load
  • Downwelling 120° beam angle light creates a more natural environment for fish
  • Available in 6500K cool white, green, or a combination

Extreme durability and low maintenance

  • Designed and Made in Australia
  • Highest marine grade alloy construction
  • Solid borosilicate glass lens
  • Pressure tested to 150m depth
  • In-built Strain-Relief Cable Protection
  • High-power beam and small lens keeps the glass clear of biofouling
  • No lamp changing needed
  • Expected product life of 5 years

Compact design

  • Height: 80mm, Diameter: 125mm Light Weight: 2.4 kg



Focus was designed for the sea cage and it's ready to push your aquaculture further with next generation lighting technology.

  • Eliminate maturation loss
  • Grow fish faster
  • Reduce parasites and pests
  • Save energy costs
  • Cut maintenance costs
  • Simpler farm operations
  • Reduce fish stress
  • Limit light pollution


  • Submersible lighting for aquaculture
  • Sea-based, Land-based and recirculated aquaculture
    • 300W and 600W options ideal for marine aquaculture
    • 150W option may be integrated with overhead lighting for use in land based aquaculture
  • Atlantic Salmon Farming


Give our sales team a call today on 02 6659 5600 or contact a distributor near you to learn more about the Planet product range and service.



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