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Planet Lighting is Australia's leading medical lighting consultant, designer and supplier. With a 60 year tradition of designing and manufacturing medical examination lights, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Please explore our state-of-the-art medical and surgical lighting range together with the Rimsa medical lights and find out why more hospitals, surgeons and engineers are choosing Planet Lighting.

Your medical lighting in safe hands.

We're Australia's Leading Medical Lighting consultant, designer and manufacturer.

Planet Lighting Lismore Base Hospital

Planet Lighting offers one of the broadest selections of medical and surgical lights in Australia.

Precise engineering and ingenuity.

A key design criteria in medical lighting is effortless and exact re-positioning whilst maintaining an optimum light beam.  LED medical and surgical lighting requires a delicate blend of LED emitters to achieve optimum colour rendering of the skin. Our LED medical lighting range is carefully developed to meet the criteria necessary to give a high CRI (90 +). Additionally, we offer a range of downlights that comply with the Cyanosis Observation Index (AS/NZS 1680.2.5:1997) and a range of MRI compatible LED downlights.

Lighting You Can Rely On.

Each component of our medical lights is selected based on durability and functionality and quality controlled under our expert team. The result is a medical light that stands the test of time and meets Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3200.2.41 IEC 60601-2-41)

All Planet Lighting medical lights come with a 5 year warranty and spare parts are readily available.

Planet Lighting are the proud Exclusive Australian/New Zealand distributors of the Italian made RIMSA surgical lighting range.

Pentaled 28 Rimsa Light

Planet Lighting's 10 year plus partnership with RIMSA ensures your medical lighting selection is second-to-none.

Second-to-None Surgical Lighting.

The RIMSA range of surgical lights is best described by five nouns: Research, intuition, passion, expertise, and innovation.

Right from its earliest days, RIMSA has had a clear goal; to satisfy surgeons' needs. The first PENTA-led was exhibited in Düsseldorf in November 2002 to the admiration of experts. Designers of the world's first scialytic lamp using LED technology, RIMSA now applies the experience gained over the years to its new PENTA-led E-Series and the latest light series, UNICA ,released in 2017.

RIMSA's focus on revolutionary new technology combined with consolidated concepts, such as White Light and Indirect Light, are used in the RIMSA PENTA-led series.

Please explore the RIMSA state-of-the-art medical and surgical range.

Examination Lighting

Effortless. Dependable. Unmatched durability.

Designed and made in Australia, and backed by our 5 year warranty, our examination lighting supports a range of uses and mounting options. From the simple, affordable FLEX LED for general practice to our popular and versatile ULED and ULED PLUS.

Minor Procedure Lighting

Unparalleled performance and technology.

Australian and European Designed and manufactured.

Premium engineering and construction is our starting point. Our effortless to use, easy to clean, PHANTOM is a standout, and manufactured under meticulous care in our own factory. And our range of Italian designed PENTALEDs take shadow elimination to the next level. Perfect for Pre and Post Op areas, emergency and intensive care (ICU) lighting.

Minor Surgical Lighting

Patented technology. Exceptional technical performance and operating versatility.

Our range of RIMSA minor surgery lights include the Tris LED offering a wide adjustable light field - ideal for first aid and gynecology. The PENTALED 30E continues the RIMSA shadowless (3D) light concept along with its set of intelligent adjustment options.

Major Surgical Lighting

Perfect control. Perfect Focus. Excellence Guaranteed.

Our selection of top of the range RIMSA major surgery lights leave nothing to chance. The PentaLED 81 and PentaLED 105 extend on Rimsa's shadowless (3D) light concept with an unprecedented amount of electronic control. Welcome to the best that RIMSA's E-Series has to offer.

Healthcare Lighting

Safe. Full Featured. Australian Designed and manufactured.

Our healthcare lighting combines the benefits of modern LED Technology with a modern infection control design. Our wall mounted Over Bed Light (OBL) is cyanosis compliant with an impressive feature set. Our MRI light is RF noise free and with multiple beam options is the perfect downlight or task light for MRI rooms.

We're Here To Help

At Planet Lighting we love giving our support and expert advice. We can provide detailed drawings, layout and structural designs to work in with your design and project team.



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LOCATION | Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, QLD

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