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COVID-19: Message from our Australian factory headquarters.

We hope this message finds you in good health during these challenging times. Our team is closely monitoring current events with our partners and customers and we wish to update you with some good news regarding the current status of our operations...

We are happy to advise that our manufacturing operations are currently continuing at full capacity. This includes normal lead times and supply of all LED Puck, aquaculture lighting and medical lighting products.

Being a local Australian manufacturer, Planet Lighting is fortunate enough to provide urgent supply of world-class and Australian made medical lights. Please be in touch if your practice or hospital requires urgent supply of specialised medical lighting.

We will continue to update you should there be any foreseen changes to the status of our operations. In the meantime, we encourage all to take care and to support one another.

The Team at Planet Lighting

The Modern Micro Catenary Lighting System Punching Well Above its weight.

Planet Lighting is excited to announce LED Puck AIR: the ultra-lightweight, exceptionally elegant, and infinitely versatile catenary lighting system for today’s modern world. AIR will join Planet Lighting’s highly efficient and iconic LED Puck family of revolutionary luminaires, promising new heights in design versatility.

Giving lighting designers lots of options in a versatile and practical package was a major part of LED Puck’s AIR’s development. “Catenary as a system naturally has a lot of benefits, which is why we were passionate about answering a design challenge to solve its problems.” says Mia Iggulden, Commercial manager Architectural at Planet Lighting and fourth generation family member of Planet Lighting. “Making a lightweight luminaire that didn’t need complex mounting or high tensile strength for perfect positioning was central to this – and means AIR now completely bypasses the typical size and weight related pitfalls of existing catenary systems while still being robust and dependable.”

LED Puck AIR catenary luminaire

Like the existing LED Puck family, LED Puck AIR is designed and manufactured at Planet’s factory headquarters under the impressive expertise of their Australian team – AIR is made from hard anodised marine grade aluminium, and comes available in a range of beam options.

LED Puck AIR represents a harmonious culmination of the design ethos and technological evolutions to date at Planet Lighting. AIR luminaire is literally a fraction of the size and weight of other systems measuring less than 25mm in diameter and weighing approximately 90 grams – that’s smaller and lighter than an iPhone 11. AIR’s twin cable suspension measures only 3mm per wire and importantly has no need for separate power cables, combining cabling suspension and power in an all-in-one low voltage system of 24V. Not only is this safer and more reliable, but offers more possibilities to designers wanting complete control of the lighting experience. AIR solves the complex engineering and mounting problems associated with existing heavy and complex catenary and track lighting systems and is poised to expand the uptake of catenary lighting solutions in general.

LED Puck AIR size comparison

AIR is smaller and lighter than an iPhone 11

LED Puck AIR is also a fully adjustable and expandable system with a range of swappable accessories available and more on the way. Launching with a snoot option: AIR Snoot, as well as festoon lighting attachments: AIR Wand and AIR Globe. Pan and tilt, zoom and contour options are also on the way. “Imagine high end retail stores being able to change their lighting mood and change the story with their seasonal catalogs.” says Sinclair Park, designer of AIR and the original Planet LED Puck. AIR’s human friendly, interchangeable nature is also part of Planet’s Lighting’s commitment to longevity of design. “Backward compatibility is in our DNA: so it’s not just about making a light that will last the test of time; but a system which continues to be useful and even evolves over time.”

LED Puck AIR offers a creative alternative over traditional solutions such as pole lighting, allowing designers the ultimate in aesthetic discretion and lighting control for their projects – without sacrificing efficiency and performance. “When we invented the integrated LED Puck Handrail Lighting System (HLS) back in 2006, the question back then was ‘why would you put it inside the rail?’ Well that question has now been turned on its head and integrated handrail lighting is now the industry standard.” says Iggulden.

LED Puck AIR represents as much a revolution in catenary lighting, as it does an evolution on traditional lighting thinking. “Bollard lighting will continue to have its uses, but it also continues to have its well established design limits.” says Iggulden. “With AIR however, we’re offering a chance to break those limits with finer control, more versatility, and an exploration of new lighting experiences free of catenary encumbrance – the sky really is the new limit”



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