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COVID-19: Message from our Australian factory headquarters.

We hope this message finds you in good health during these challenging times. Our team is closely monitoring current events with our partners and customers and we wish to update you with some good news regarding the current status of our operations...

We are happy to advise that our manufacturing operations are currently continuing at full capacity. This includes normal lead times and supply of all LED Puck, aquaculture lighting and medical lighting products.

Being a local Australian manufacturer, Planet Lighting is fortunate enough to provide urgent supply of world-class and Australian made medical lights. Please be in touch if your practice or hospital requires urgent supply of specialised medical lighting.

We will continue to update you should there be any foreseen changes to the status of our operations. In the meantime, we encourage all to take care and to support one another.

The Team at Planet Lighting

Heritage Lighting

Planet Lighting is Australia's leading expert in the restoration & retro fitting of LED engines for heritage lighting.


Planet Lighting is one of Australia's leading Heritage Lighting consultants, designers and manufacturers.

With a design tradition that spans over 100 years it comes as no surprise that large-scale Heritage fittings are our speciality. Over the years we have completely restored and modernised fittings from Australia's most prestigious buildings including Brisbane Town Hall, Commonwealth Bank at Martin Place, Sydney University and Parliament Houses.

In Australia we celebrate our historic buildings as they tell stories of the past times. That is why we work with architects and lighting designers to ensure any heritage light fitting is meticulously restored without compromising the original design intent. The results are always stunning as old fixtures are revitalised to celebrate their original glory.

In addition, consider our refurbishment services: which will deliver the latest in LED and control technology in a customised light engine, designed to produce superior output with no infringement on historical aesthetics.

modernise your heritage fittings with energy saving led engines

Planet Lighting specializes in retro fitting the latest LED engines to heritage lighting.

Retro fitting LED engines to your existing lighting can not only save thousands of dollars on your energy bills but improve safety and light quality throughout your building.

Heritage fittings refurbished with the latest dimming and lamping technology combining new and traditional materials in Australia’s most prestigious buildings.


Planet Lighting is one of Australia's leading Heritage lighting specialists and our list of projects is testament to our expertise & skill.

Skills honed over decades of working with metals and finishes ensure quality and performance for heritage refurbishment projects.


Rediscover the beauty and embrace the history of Heritage lighting with Planet Lighting.

Lighting is a key ingredient in crafting elegant, beautiful and efficient spaces.

At Planet, we believe successful lighting is a balance of art and engineering.

Times change and the fashion of lighting products changes too but the time honored beauty of the Classic designs of Heritage lighting remain constant.

Admired for the qualities of  artistry and craftmanship from times past, Heritage fittings lend themselves to restoration while retaining the character of the original fitting.



Our design and engineering team stays abreast of the latest in LED and control technologies.

With our extensive experience we are able to deliver significant improvements to light output, and control without compromising the heritage aesthetic.



See some of the recent projects we have been involved with around the globe:

Sydney University Great Hall

This project involved both fitting refurbishment to re-instate ‘as new’ lights, as well as custom design of a new LED engine to replace the existing technology in the fitting. The result is very impressive. Not only does the LED engine provide more light at a lower power consumption, the light is more evenly diffused, with less…

The Aurora – Burswood Casino Perth

Named after the astonishing light display created in the high-altitude atmosphere, the amazing ‘Aurora feature’ light , can be found in the Burswood Casino, Perth. At 10 meters long, a diameter of 2.7m and weighing  over 1.5 tonnes it is designed to mimic its natural namesake, and fires up at regular intervals to display a spectacular light show. Built entirely at…

Legislative Chambers of Victoria

IES commendation 2011

Canterbury Bulldogs League Club Custom Acrylic Light Fixtures

Part of the 2011 Canterbury Bulldogs Leagues club refurbishment included 16 custom designed tubular fibreglass light fixtures of two sizes. Type 1: ∅500mm and 2800 length with a total power requirement of 53W Type 2: ∅500mm and 6000 length with a total power requirement of 115W Each type is fitted with a custom made, one piece…

Grand Hyatt Melbourne Custom Lighting Fixtures

The Grand Hyatt in Melbourne has a new contemporary look with interiors of grecian marble, recycled Australian timber, carved cypress pine and fine art by painters John Firth-Smith, Paul Parton, David Rankin and sculptor Robert Bridgewater. Planet Lighting worked with New York Light Designers Arc Light and Bar Studio from Melbourne to bring their lighting concepts to…


Give our sales team a call today on 02 6659 5600 or contact a distributor near you to learn more about the Planet product range and service.


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