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Glass and Lighting have always been tightly linked. Glass diffuses light beautifully, and in its own unique fashion. Glass has fascinated and spurred mans' quest to produce useful and magnificent objects for centuries. Planet Lighting presents a unique lighting glass resource to the world. We blow, bend, fuse, slump, press, pattern, centrifuge, cast, etch and colour glass. Artisan skills, old traditions as relevant today as they have been for centuries, are employed. This combination of artisan techniques with modern materials and process control enables us to offer the widest possible variety of glass colours, patterns, forms and objects. We excel in fast low-cost mold design and manufacture for blown glass objects. We have pioneered many of our own techniques to ensure we can respond to the widest imaginable array of custom glass inquiries quickly and cost effectively. Planet Lighting has been incorporating LEDs into light fixtures for nearly a decade, with installations across the world. We continue to push the boundaries in what is possible, by sourcing and utilising the brightest, most efficient LED emitters and state of the art driver solutions to maximise overall system efficiency. We have the knowledge and experience to offer tailor-made, elegant driver solutions incorporating not only all major dimming protocols (DMX, DALI, DSI, PWM, 0-10V, leading and trailing phase edge dimming) but also emergency UPS supplies and solar PV.


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