Planet Lighting is a leading developer of lighting solutions for the Aquaculture industry.

Our broad experience in manufacturing, design and project management enables us to undertake product development in many fields specifically related to LED devices and technical lighting.

We do not apply new LED technology to old analogue lighting contraptions. We design for LED from the beginning. We source the best LED electronics available. And through intense R&D we develop lighting systems that maximise the potential of this technology to produce quality products that are optimally suited to the application.


Five years of research, development and field testing has culminated in the Fish⁴ fish cage lighting system. The Fish⁴ has been so successful that in 2018, the majority of farmed salmon in Australia and New Zealand will grow under our LED lighting equipment.

We have comprehensively reduced maturation loss expectations in these aquaculture markets.

The Fish⁴ aquaculture lighting system is a proven, competitive, high efficiency underwater lighting product that addresses many of the problems and disappointments experienced with many alternative aquaculture lighting products.



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